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Success Stories Library

Share and view success stories in the Clear Impact Scorecard.

The Clear Impact Scorecard Success Stories Library is a collection of successfully turned curves from around the world. This library contains success stories that have been documented so that others may learn from the successes of the organizations who accomplished the turned curve.

The library includes two parts, the organizations list and the measures list.

  • Success Stories - Organizations
    • This page displays organizations from around the world that have completed their Results-Based Accountability questionnaire and agreed to participate in the Success Stories Library. Clicking on an organization will open their profile page where additional details and their showcase of turned curves can be found.
  • Success Stories - Measures
    • This page displays Indicators and Performance Measures from around the world that have been successfully turned in a positive direction and have all their notes filled out.

Share Your Success Stories

Organizations can share their success stories in the library for others to learn from right from your Clear Impact Scorecard account. Navigate to the Admin --> Success Stories Manager page.

From the Success Stories Manager page you can update your organization information, opt-in to the Success Stories Library and find/submit your success stories.

  1. The settings tab contains basic details about your organization so that users can easily find and learn about your organization
  2. The our story tab contains a list of questions you can complete to better inform other users about your organization's history and purpose
  3. The published success stories tab contains a list of all successfully turned curves you are currently sharing with the library
  4. The potential success stories includes a list of all Indicators and Performance Measures on your account that are potential success stories according to the following criteria:
    1. The measure has improved from the first data point to the last (a positive baseline % change)
    2. The measure is currently trending in the right direction
    3. All the notes are filled out for the measure
  5. The profile status section is a list of checkboxes that displays whether or not your account will display in the success stories library. In order to show up in the library your organization will need to complete all the steps listed in the checklist.
  6. The opt-in checkbox must be checked for your organization to appear in the Success Stories library.