Gantt Chart

Using the Gantt chart in Clear Impact Scorecard

The Gantt Chart is an interactive tool for displaying and working with project timelines. It is another useful way to manage your team's efforts to get from talk to action.

The Gantt chart page displays Actions over time with their start dates and end dates categorized by the Scorecard Objects to which they are attached.

If a user has permission to Add/Edit Actions, then the Gantt Chart will load in an editable view. For users with a read-only view, it will not. Both users may export the Gantt Chart.

Gantt Chart Options

1. Scorecard name - This is the name of the Scorecard for which you are viewing Actions. If you are viewing the Gantt Chart for all Actions, the name at the top will simply say "Gantt Chart".

2. Scorecard filters - This system filters through all of your site's scorecards. By clicking on a scorecard, you open a new Gantt Chart with its own scorecard objects.

3. Actions - Actions are organized in rows in the Gantt Chart and categorized by the scorecard object (Result, Indicator, etc.) to which they are related.

4. Create new Actions - The plus icon allows you to create new actions. You can add as many Actions as you would like.

5. Time range selector - The time range selector option allows you to resize the Gantt Chart to fit the perspective you would like to see. You can toggle between yearly, monthly, weekly and daily views.

6. Adjust duration - Dragging either side of the Action will change the length of the Action's ultimate duration.

7. Move timeframe - Dragging the middle of the Action will move the timeframe of when the Action occurs. This feature does not change the duration, but affects the Start and End dates.

8. Percent Completion - Moving the slider at the bottom of the Action will update the Percent Complete of the Action.

9. Open Actions - Double clicking on the Action will open the details modal where you can update the Action name, status, assignee, and date range.

10. Toolbar - The buttons toolbar allows you to export the Gantt Chart.

Gantt Chart Views

1. Scorecard Based Gantt Chart

You can view a Gantt Chart in one of two ways, the first is by scorecard.

Clicking on the Icon to the left of the Scorecard name in Strategy Map mode or Scorecard mode will display an option for Action view.

When the Gantt Chart opens in this format you will see only the Actions that are connected to a specific scorecard. This is useful when determining what the next steps are for improving performance on an individual scorecard.

2. All Actions Gantt Chart

The second method is to view all Actions in your Clear Impact Scorecard site.

To open a generic Gantt Chart of all Actions, select the Action Manager from the main menu and then select Gantt Chart.

This view is useful for using the filters such as showing an Action plan for a specific person or a specific period in time.