Partner Connect

The Partner Connect feature allows you to connect your Clear Impact Scorecard data and scorecards with other organizations

Only Instance Admins can access the Partner Connect page and set up Partner Connections.

How It Works: Overview

Partner Connect is a two-way channel for information sharing that can be controlled at either end and is managed at a per scorecard level.

You control who you connect with and what you share, and your partners control what you can see from them. This means you can choose to share your content with other organizations, and they can use your content without sharing their content with you. Or, you can both share content with each other.  For instance, grant makers can share Scorecard measures with funded partners and collect data from partners without having to share unrelated scorecards and measures with grantees.


None of your content is shared through Partner Connect by default. Only what you choose to share will be shared.


Partner Connect allows you to share access to Scorecards, Results, Indicators, Programs, and Performance Measures. With Partner Connect you choose what scorecards to share and then any instances you are connected with can access those scorecards as well as all Results, Indicators, Programs, and Performance Measures that display on those scorecards. This makes it easy to share large amounts of data without having to change a setting on each individual items.

If you don't want to share any of your existing scorecards, you can also set up a scorecard just for sharing and place all your public or shared content on that scorecard.


Viewing Shared Scorecards

Viewing shared content is just as easy and intuitive as viewing your own content.

From the Objects menu, select Scorecards.


At the top of the list of scorecards, a Sites dropdown list will display next to the Search text box. Your current site is selected by default, and your partner sites are listed below. 


Select one or more partner sites to see the shared scorecards from those sites. 


Adding Shared Containers and Measures to Your Scorecards

When building scorecards and forming relationships, you will also see this sites list on the Add Existing screen so you can include shared content on your scorecards.

Example: Add Existing Container with Instance dropdown


Identifying Shared Content in Scorecards

When shared content is present in a scorecard, it will automatically be tagged with the instance code for the Scorecard site where that content is from.

The gray highlighted original site code appears before any tags for the the shared item.  Any measures and containers without a site code are from the Scorecard site where you are working.


To view the full name of the site that has shared the content, hover your mouse over the gray-backed origin site tag. 





Partner Connect is a read-only sharing tool. Shared objects cannot be edited on the connected sites. Only users on your account are capable of maintaining, editing, creating, and deleting your content.

Connected sites can use your Indicators and Performance Measures as part of calculations though since on the relationships tab for these items your shared Indicators and Performance Measures will be selectable to include in aggregations.


The Partner Connect Management Page

This is where you can view and modify your partner connections. You can also request new connections.

  1. Instance code entry box - This is where you enter the instance code of the organization you would like to connect with. The instance code is the short name for a site and usually differs from the instance name.
    1. In Scorecard, you can find the instance code in the top right corner of the navigation menu.
    2. In Control, you can find the instance code in parentheses on each of the Instances buttons.
    3. For unlimited suites, Control's Clients > List menu option opens a list of the the partner sites with their instance codes.
  2. Request Connection button - This triggers a check to make sure the instance code is valid and then sends a Partner Connection Request. 
    1. If the code is good, then Scorecard will send an email to the Instance Admin of the requested site to let them know that you would like to share content with them. A request is processed to both send/share content with the other organization as well as receive their shared content. If you only want to set up the connect one way just revoke the other access once they accept the connection.
    2. Once the request is sent, the organization name will appear in the Organizations Sharing Content With You section and the Organizations With Access to Your Shared Content section, but it will be a pending connection with Awaiting Approval status. 
    3. If the instance code does not match any known sites, you will receive a message letting you know. If the request is successful you will see the organization show up in boxes 3 and 6.
  3. Organizations Sharing Content With You - This section lists all of the organizations that are sharing content with you, have asked you to share content, or have been asked by you to share content. 
  4. Status column - This indicates the status of your Partner Connections for both of the organization sections. The status is either:
    1. Awaiting Approval: waiting for you to accept the connection or for the partner to accept
    2. Active: accepted connections with any shared content available in the connected sites
      1. An active connection is not enough to exchange data. You have to allow access to one or more scorecards to share them with a partner.
  5. Actions column - This allows you to change the status of the connection
    1. Approve: accept the connection
    2. Deny: decline the connection
    3. Revoke: remove a previously accepted connection
    4. Edit and Revoke Partner Connections. Clicking one of these actions will immediately take the chosen action.
  6. Organizations With Access to Your Shared Content - This sections list organizations that you are sharing your content with, those you have asked to let you share content, and those who have asked you to share. 
  7. Actions: Edit Scorecards - This option is only available for approved connections. It allows you to choose which scorecard(s) to share with the partner. You can share different scorecards to different organizations.
  8. Scorecards You are Currently Sharing - This section shows you the scorecards shared with each of your partner organizations. The partners are identified by their instance code in the list. content you are sharing with other organizations. Each client code will display with the scorecards you have shared to that specific client site. 


Create a New Connection

1. Ask the desired organization for their Instance code.

2. Enter the Instance code in the Instance Code Entry Box (see above screenshot).

3. Click the Request Connection button.

4. An email will be sent to the instance owner of the requested instance and when they approve it your connection will be active.


Manage What Content is Shared

As mentioned above in the sharing section, you can control what scorecards of yours other organizations can see so you don't have to share everything. Use the "Scorecards You are Currently Sharing" section of the Partner Connect management page shown above to audit what you are sharing and make sure other organizations can't access your private scorecards.

Give Access to a Scorecard or Remove Access

Open the Partner Connect page from the Admin menu in Scorecard.


Click  Edit Scorecards next to the organization you would like to modify access for.


Click on the name of a scorecard to move it to from Cannot Access to Has Access To  and vice versa. 

Click Save to keep your changes.

This scorecard will now be updated with your sharing preference.


Revoke Access to an Existing Connection

To revoke a connection, click the Revoke button next to the organization on the Partner Connect management page. This will immediately remove the connect and all relationships will be removed.

The removal of relationships cannot be reversed so make sure you want to proceed before clicking this button. You can restore the connection by sending a new request to the instance code.

Clicking Revoke only works on one type of sharing at a time. If you are sharing content with an organization and receiving their shared content, you will need to revoke both connection types separately to fully sever the connection.