Global Color Bands

Setting default color bands saves you time when working with targets and color bands.

Global Color Bands were designed to save you time while entering Indicators and Performance Measures.

These global color bands are automatically applied to all new Indicators and Performance Measures created in your Clear Impact Scorecard site. Depending on the polarity of the newly created Indicator or Performance Measure, the proper color band from this page is assigned.

To access the Global Color Bands management page, select the Global Color Bands item from the Administration menu.


How it Works

All color bands are represented as percentages. These percentages are used to calculate the threshold color based on that percent of the target.

For instance, if the yellow color band is set to 90% and the target is 200, then any values under 180 (90% of 200) will be yellow and any values over that will be green.

Updating Your Global Color Bands

To update the global color bands, simply change the values then add or subtract color bands as you need. Then, be sure to select the Update Global Color Bands button.

Any changes made on this page will not affect any existing Indicators or Performance Measures and will only impact newly created items.

Each Indicator or Performance Measure can have its own color bands customized on the individual edit view for that object but these defaults are put in place to speed the process.