API: Authentication

Generating an API key for the Clear Impact Scorecard software.

The API Authentication is implemented as an API Key sent with each payload over SSL (HTTPS). Your API login credentials are not the same as the credentials you use to log in to the web interface. You must obtain your API Key separately.

To learn more about testing your API connect check out the API: Development Tips article.

Obtaining Your API Credentials

Your API key can be generated from Admin --> API menu item

Note - for security purposes only users with the Instance Admin role can access the API page.

Generate an API Key

To generate your first API key click the Generate New API Key button in the top right of this page. The API Key can then be copied and used in your API application.

Generate a new API Key

If you need to use a different API Key than the one your currently are using you can just select the Generate New API Key button again and a new key will be generated. Note - Generating a new API Key will delete your existing key and any requests using your existing API Key will be rejected.

Delete the current API Key

To revoke all API access to your Clear Impact Scorecard instance check the Delete API Key checkbox and select the Generate New/Remove API Key Button. Once you key is deleted no API requests to your instance will be accepted. If you want to grant access again you can generate a new key.

Locating Your Site Code

All API requests require a combination or your API key and an site code. Your site code is located in the top right corner on the black headerbar in the interface.