Copying Scorecards and Data

Save time by copying scorecards and scorecard objects

Building clear and effective scorecards takes time and effort. To help users maximize their time invested in scorecard building, the Clear Impact Scorecard Copy feature allows you to quickly and easily duplicate existing scorecards and individual scorecard objects on your site.

How Copying Works

The copy feature works by duplicating all Scorecard Objects (Results, Indicators, Programs, and Performance Measures) that are linked to a Scorecard. Data values and notes are also copied along with the Scorecard Objects.  The new copied version of the objects are unique and any changes made to their data values, notes, or even names will not be reflected on the original Scorecard.

Copy Tips

  1. Using a Template - If you are planning on creating many copies of a Scorecard for a large deployment it is recommended that you create a "template" scorecard for this purpose.  The template should not have any data values entered or any note content.  This will prevent the need to erase these once the copy is complete and save you time.  Using a template also lets you ensure that your deployed Scorecards are all identical.
  2. Copying Calculated Measures - If you are using calculated Indicators or Performance Measures and want to copy a whole set of "disaggregated" measures they need to be linked directly to the Scorecard being copied.  Any calculated measures do not copy their disaggregated measures and they need to be re-linked once the copy is completed.  If you want to set up a new calculated measure with a large set of measures you will want to link the disaggregated measures to the Scorecard under any Result/Program, perform the copy, set up the dis-aggregation with the new measures and then un-link them from the Scorecard.

What Gets Copied?

When performing a Scorecard copy the following objects are copied:

  • Scorecard
  • Results/Programs
  • Indicators/Performance Measures
  • Data Values for the Indicators/Performance Measures
  • Note Headers and Text for Results/Programs/Indicators/Performance Measures

The following objects are not copied due to duplication issues:

  • Calculated measure settings & disaggregated measures
  • Actions linked to the objects on the Scorecard
  • Attached files in notes or in the attached files section of the Scorecard Objects

How to Copy

To copy any scorecard or scorecard object, you must locate the item in the scorecard or object library located on the left menu bar. (For this example, a scorecard is created; however the same principles will apply to other objects as well.)

When the desired item is found, click the downward arrow button to reveal the Copy and Delete options as pictured below. Select Copy.



After selecting the Copy button, a new properties modal will appear where you must create a name for your scorecard and provide the tags that will be linked to the newly created Scorecard Objects.

1. Scorecard Name - This is the name of your object. It is best to provide your copy with either a completely different or slightly altered name. Although it is a copy and tags can be a distinguishing factor, it helps to have clear distinctions between the original and the duplicate.

2. Tags - Up to 5 different tags can be added here. (As always, the first tag will be the one to appear on the scorecard.) If copying a scorecard, these tags will be standard across all the Results/Indicators and Programs/Performance Measures.  If no tags are selected then the tags that currently appear on the Scorecard being copied will be maintained after the copy process.  If new tags are defined in this box they will overwrite any existing tags during the copy process on the new Scorecard.


After you have selected your criteria, click Save. The newly copied scorecard or object can be found in the object library on the left hand side.

Copying Scorecards Across Instances

If you have multiple instances of Clear Impact Scorecard and need a Scorecard copied from one instance to another please contact with the name of the Scorecard, the origin and destination instances and we would be happy to assist you with this process.