Notes (Scorecard Object Rich Text Fields)

Utilize the ability to enter qualitative narrative into scorecard objects by using Notes

Notes are rich text boxes that can be added to any Scorecard Object (Result, Indicator, Program, Performance Measure). Notes also appear a few other places in the software including the description field of Scorecards and the homepage administrator message. This article will cover how to use the note editor and some of it's features. For information on customizing the default notes and creating new note types check out this article.

In order to make edits to a note a user must have the "Edit Scorecard Object Notes" role enabled for their account.

Note Editor Basics

Scorecard Note - Edit Mode


1. The name of the note appears in the top left corner of the note

2. The note may have a question mark icon next to it. This question mark icon will open the help text for this note. The help text can be customized on the Admin --> Default Note Editor page.

3.1 Save Button - This button will save the note when you are done editing it. A complete history of all note changes are stored indefinitely in the Scorecard software so you never have to worry about overwriting your previous work. Simply use the clock icon discussed below to view/restore your previous notes.

3.2 Cancel Button - The cancel button will close the editor without saving your changes. Changes made before the cancel icon is pressed will be lost forever.

3.3 Delete Button - The delete button will delete this entire note section, all of its contents, and all of the note histories. The note section will no longer display on the page unless it is re-added by a user with the Add/Edit Scorecard Objects role. Note - if you simply want to clear the contents of the note and start over this button should not be used and you should just edit the note, highlight your content, and backspace it to clear the note.

4. The editor toolbar allows the user to change the text formatting, insert pictures, videos, and links into the note field

5. The Insert Scorecard object link icon allows the user to insert a quick link to any other Scorecard Object in your account.

6. The Expand Icon will open the text editor full-screen for easier editing. This is especially handy when presenting the note in front of a large group on a projector.

7. The Remove Format icon will remove all extraneous formatting from any highlighted text (bullets and hyperlinks will be left intact). This is especially useful when copying and pasting from Microsoft Word if issues arise.

Scorecard Note - Static Mode


8. Clock Icon - This icon will open the note history so you can see all previous edits and restore old note text if needed

9. Edit/Pencil Icon - This icon will open the note edit mode seen above.

Copying and Pasting From Microsoft Word

The Clear Impact Note editor supports copying and pasting from Microsoft Word and will attempt to retain as much formatting/fonts/colors as possible. As a web-browser based software Clear Impact Scorecard does not have all the same functionality as Microsoft Word and occasionally compatibility issues can arise with formatting and fonts. If this happens simply highlight all the text in the note and select the "Remove Format" (number 7 in the screenshot above) button. This will clean out the incompatible Microsoft Office formatting but leave useful things like bullets and hyperlinks.

Font and Font Size Issues

Sometimes pasted or heavily reformatted content can have issues with font sizes or font type/styling. If this is the case simply highlight the text that is causing the issue (or all the text in the note) and select the "Remove Format" (number 7 in the screenshot above) button. This will reset the styles and make all the text a consistent format.