Show Disconnected Only Filter

Clean up your un-used scorecard objects using the disconnected only filter

All the list pages for Scorecard Objects (Results, Indicators, Programs, and Performance Measures) have a "Show Disconnected Only" filter option as shown above.

This filter will display all objects that are not currently being used on scorecards throughout the software. The filter logic for this option works as described below:


  • No Scorecard to Result relationship exists.


  • No Indicator to Result relationship and no Indicators that aggregate this Indicator relationship. (The Indicator is still considered disconnected if it has disaggregated Indicator relationships)


  • No Scorecard to Program relationship exists

Performance Measures

  • No Performance Measure to Program relationship and no Performance Measures that aggregate this Performance Measure relationship. (The Performance Measure is still considered disconnected if it has child Performance Measure relationships)


  • Action is not related to any object


  • Tag is not used on any object