Clear Impact Scorecard for COVID-19 Tracking

Using Clear Impact Scorecard to track COVID-19 with daily time periods.


To set up a measure for tracking COVID-19 there are several steps that we recommend completing.

  1. Set up a daily calendar type
  2. Create a measure for entering data into
  3. Add data values
  4. Make the measure shareable using the embed feature

Setting up a Daily Calendar Type

  1. Make sure you have administrator access to Clear Impact Scorecard
  2. Navigate to Admin --> Calendar Manager
  3. Select Add New Calendar
  4. Enter "Daily" for the name
  5. Select 365 for annual periods 
  6. Select Save

A daily calendar is now available for all measures in your Clear Impact Scorecard software.  For more information on managing calendars check out this article.

Create a Measure for Entering COVID-19 Data

For complete information on creating measures, check out this help article.

  1. Navigate to the Scorecard where you want to track COVID-19 data
  2. Select edit in the top right corner of the Scorecard
  3. Find the container where the COVID-19 measure tracker will go or select + New Container
  4. Select + New Measure
  5. Enter a title for your measure
  6. Select Daily from the calendar type dropdown
  7. Select Lower is Better
  8. Select Save
  9. Navigate back to the Scorecard.

Optionally - we recommend enabling the Prior Actual Value column while editing the Scorecard and disabling the Baseline % Change for COVID-19 measures.

Add Data Values to the Measure

  1. Navigate to the Scorecard where you created the measure
  2. Click on the square measure icon to the left of the measure name
  3. Select Add Data Values
  4. Enter the data values for each day
  5. Select Save

Embed and Share

Note - if the embed link does not display you will need to enable embed for the Scorecard where this measure appears.  This can be done by editing the Scorecard and turning on the Enable Embed toggle.  More information on sharing/embedding data can be found here.
  1. Navigate to the Scorecard where you created the measure
  2. Click on the measure name to open the "Turn the Curve" page for the measure
  3. Select Options --> Embed from the top right corner
  4. Copy the link or graph link to share with colleagues or the iframe code for your website team to embed the live data in your website.