Creating an Action

An action is a specific project, task, or initiative, created and assigned with the goal of improving a result or program. Actions are created with start and end dates, and their status can be updated as the action progresses.


All actions for a scorecard can be seen in timeline format, in the scorecard’s Gantt chart. Actions can be added directly to a scorecard, or from within the Gantt chart, or directly from the Action Manager.


To add an action to a result or program, open the object for viewing. Below notes and measures is the section where you can add, edit, or view actions.



To add an action to a measure, open the indicator or performance measure. Below the data graph, click the Action icon.



You can click Add Existing Action to search through the list of existing actions, or click New Action.


Fill in the action fields, start and end dates, and assignees. An assignee is not required, but best practice is to assign someone to be accountable for completing the action.



Assigned actions will also appear on the assignee’s dashboard.


Email notifications are sent to the person assigned to the action when:

  • The action is created.
  • The action has not started by the start date.
  • The action is not complete by three days before the end date.
  • The action is completed.


Once created, the action is listed, along with status and progress. To edit or update the action, click its name. Note that all changes to actions are saved automatically.



To change action details such as dates, status, or percent complete, click the Edit button at the top right. While editing you can change assigners or assignees, start and end dates, and percent competition. Action status can be edited here as well, to mark the action as on track, behind schedule, cancelled, completed, etc. Those assigned to tasks will be notified of changes.


Below the Action Details section, you can add status updates and to-do items. To-do’s can be checked to mark as complete, and you can choose to show or hide completed items.



Farther down on the action page, you can upload any relevant files, or fill in action custom fields. Under Relationships you’ll find the results or programs the action is connected to, and you can add existing containers or measures if needed.