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Editing a Scorecard or Container

To edit a scorecard, you first need to find it in the scorecard list, and click its Edit button.



Or, if you’re already viewing a scorecard, you can click Edit at the top right. 



At the top of the scorecard editing page, in the General tab, you can change the scorecard name, description, embedding and score settings, and scorecard columns. If you make any changes, be sure to click Save at the top right.


In the Users tab, you can select the users who can access this scorecard. If no users are selected, then all users with scorecard permission  can access this scorecard. Admin users can always access all scorecards.


Returning to the General tab, the lower section of the scorecard editing window is where you can edit or add containers, change container order, or change the order of indicators or performance measures within each container. Containers themselves can also be edited, if you want to change results or programs, or add, delete, or edit indicators or performance measures.


When all edits are completed and saved, click Back to Scorecard at the top right.