Entering Data Values and Target Values for a Measure

Data can be added manually for an indicator or performance measure. Or, if you have data in a spreadsheet, the data can be copied and pasted into the measure’s data table. If you do this, be sure that your data is pasted into the correct columns.


Note: Users with admin permission can also import data


There are two ways to access a measure’s data entry window.  


When viewing the scorecard, click the I or PM icon for the measure whose data you want to enter, and choose Add Data Values. 


Or you can view the measure, and click Edit Data. 



To add data rows, click the plus icon for Past and Future. The Start Date frequency depends on the reporting frequency of the measure, which in this example is Annually. You can optionally choose to set a baseline from any time period in the table, otherwise the oldest value will be the default baseline. If you want the data graph to indicate how actual data relates to target values, be sure to include target values in this table. 



Click Save when finished. 


Now, when viewing the scorecard, the data summary appears for that indicator.


When viewing the measure, the graph on the left shows the data trend, while data points and current values are listed in the Data section on the right.