Gantt Chart

A Gantt chart is a timeline view of actions


To see all actions in the system, choose Action Manager / Gantt Chart.



This displays all scorecard objects that include an action. You can adjust the timeline to show the current day, week, month, or year, or specify a date range, or filter by assignee. 



Double-clicking an action opens it for editing, where you can change title, status, assignee, or time frame. Task assignees will be notified of changes.



You can also adjust an action’s time frame directly in the chart, by dragging its start or end. You can drag the slider to represent how much of the task has been completed. 



For more exact action editing, click the action’s Edit icon. This opens the action in a separate tab, in which you can use the Edit button to make changes.


You can also display the Gantt chart for a scorecard. While viewing the scorecard, switch to Gantt Chart view.


This displays an expandable list of all scorecard objects, in which only objects that include actions are shown in the timeline. In this example, the first result has one action, and one of the performance measures has two actions. 



Actions can be added directly from the Gantt chart. Click the Add icon to the right of the scorecard object where the action will be included.


Fill in the details for the action and save.



The action will appear below its scorecard object, and that object will share the same time on the timeline.