Homepage Overview

The homepage of Clear Impact Scorecard

The homepage of Clear Impact Scorecard is a quick dashboard that gives you access to your most common tasks. It shows Action items assigned to you, measures you have favorited and a message from the Administrator(s) of your site.

1. The Favorite Measures section lists any Indicators or Performance Measures you have marked as Favorite on the Scorecard or Turn the Curve pages.

These measures can be re-arranged by using the 3-dot drag handle on the left side.

Clicking on the name of the measure will bring you directly to the Turn the Curve page for it.

Clicking on the measure icon will allow you to edit the measure, add data values or remove it from your favorites.

2. The Administrator Message displays the same message for everyone on your Clear Impact Scorecard site. You can use this area for communicating upcoming events, trainings, videos, or other relevant information that everyone should see.

Users can link reports and files into the message to be downloaded.

Users with the "Site Settings" role will see an edit button appear on the top right corner that can be used for updating the text.

3. My Open Actions section displays all Actions that are assigned to you that have not been marked as completed or cancelled. From this list you can click on the Action name to open the Action presentation page directly.

4. My To-Do's shows upcoming To-Do's that have been assigned to you. To update the item, click on the name of the Action it is assigned to and you can check them off.