Terminology used in Clear Impact Scorecard

Clear Impact Scorecard

A strategy and performance management software that is accessible through a web browser and designed to support collaboration both inside and outside organizations.

It focuses on defining results you want to accomplish, indicators to determine if those results are being improved and defining programs or agencies that can help you achieve your goals through tracking their performance measures. All of this is done with powerful tools and methodology techniques to support your work.


A scorecard is a canvas that other scorecard objects (Results, Indicators, Programs, and Performance Measures) are placed onto. Scorecards allow you to create collections of similar information for reporting and presentations.


A condition of well being for children, adults, families, or communities (stated in plain language).


A measure that helps quantify the achievement of a result.


A program, agency, or service system responsible for helping reach the stated Results.

Performance Measure

A measure of how well a program, agency, or service system is working.


An action, project, or initiative that has a start and end date to improve Indicators and Performance Measures.


In various lists and reports you can use tags as a filter for finding the scorecard objects you want. Tags also help you keep track of scorecard objects that have the same name but belong to different geographical regions, departments, etc. Most scorecard objects will only need one tag but you can have up to 5 tags. The tag that appears first in the list is the primary tag that will display with the scorecard object.

Scorecard Object

The term scorecard object refers to the collection of items that can be placed on a scorecard. These include Results, Indicators, Programs, Performance Measures, and sometimes Actions.

Actual Value

The actual level of achievement for an Indicator or Performance Measure at a point in time.

Target Value

A desired level of achievement for an Indicator or Performance Measure.

Forecast Value

An estimated future level of achievement for an Indicator or Performance Measure.


A calendar is a collection of time periods or reporting periods such as months, quarters, or years. Calendars can be customized based on start date and reporting frequency (how many periods per year). Calendars are used for reporting data values for Indicators and Performance Measures.


The collection of short code and tools that helps you publish your Clear Impact Scorecard content external to the application itself. Using the embed features gives you either an <iframe> short code to place on your own HTML internet pages or a hosted page link you can give to users without a Clear Impact Scorecard user account to view data.

Turning the Curve

The process of moving from the desired end state in the future (ends) to the steps we need today to get there (means). Specifically turning a trend on a data graph from a negative or bad direction to a positive direction.

Client Code

This set of 3-10 letters is used for collaborating and communicating with other organizations and occasionally Clear Impact Scorecard staff. The client code can be found in the very top right corner of your interface in parentheses after your organization name.

Partner Connect

Refers to an administration tool that allows two Clear Impact Scorecard sites to connect with each other and share scorecards and scorecard objects. Once two sites have requested and approved an Partner Connection they are able to view each other's content that is marked as shared at a scorecard level. Only site owners can initiate or approve Partner Connect requests.

Success Stories Library

Refers to a collection of worldwide and public Indicators and Performance Measures that have followed the Turn the Curve process and are seeing positive results. By joining the Success Stories library you will be able to share your best practices as well as review other organization's successes. To enable the Success Stories library for your site visit the Admin --> Success Stories Manager page.

Success Stories

A collective of organizations and measures that are successfully using the Clear Impact Scorecard and have chosen to share their successfully turned curves and stories. These stories elaborate on challenges faced, strategies used and the positive outcome.