Global Color Bands

For users with administrator permission.


When setting up a scorecard container, and adding indicators or performance measures, each measure has a defined polarity, such as “Higher is better” or “Lower is better.”



When viewing or editing an indicator or performance measure, if color bands are enabled, you can see the data in terms of ranges: on-target, too low, or too high.



The values at which these colors change can be adjusted locally in Graph Settings. To set global color bands which will be the default values for all measures going forward, click the Administration icon at the top, and Global Color Bands in the left menu.



For each polarity type, you can adjust the percent-of-target values for each band, change colors themselves, and use the +/- icons to add or remove bands. 


Note that any changes to global color bands will not affect existing graphs, only graphs for measures created after the changes are made.