For users with administrator permission.


Notes are descriptive text boxes that appear with scorecard objects. When viewing a result or program, notes appear below the container name. Note completion is a contributing factor to a scorecard’s engagement score.



When viewing an indicator or performance measure, notes appear in the Notes window, to the right of the data graph.



The default notes that appear in containers (results and programs) and measures (indicators and performance measures) can be configured in Object Types


To set up the notes themselves, click the Administration icon at the top, and Notes in the left menu.



In this table, you can view, edit, or create system notes. Notes included as standard notes are indicated as such, and cannot be deleted. Notes can also be reordered, establishing the order of the notes drop-down menu when adding a note.


New notes can be added by clicking the Add New button at the top right.


By default, notes are blank and can be filled in as needed when used in a container or measure. If you want to add default or starter text to a note, click its Edit button. 


In this example, the “Data Progress Report” note has default text for filling in date and author. The help text below is what will appear when hovering over the note name. For both types of text, all HTML editing features are available, including graphics, links, and video.



When this note is added to a container or measure, it will automatically contain the default text, which can be added to or edited.



When you click the question mark icon in the note title, the help text appears in a popup.