Object Types

For users with administrator permission.


When viewing scorecards and scorecard objects, there are default names, colors, and icons for containers and measures. With the default settings, objects called results are marked by a green icon with an R; objects called indicators are marked by a yellow icon with an I, etc.



Each container and measure also contains a default set of notes. For example, a result can contain three notes by default:



To change object names, colors, and notes, click the Administration icon at the top, and Object Types in the left menu.



On this page, you can use the Edit button for any scorecard object, to change its name, icon color, letter identifier, and how its plural should be written. You can also add new containers or new measures, to fit your needs and terminology. 


Note: For other terms that appear in the UI that you’re able to change, see Common Terms.


The Configure Notes button can be used to configure the default set of notes that are included in a container or measure. You can remove notes from the list, or add different ones from the Available Notes list on the left.