Along with Results, programs are one of the building blocks of a scorecard. 


Note: Users with admin permission can change or add names, icons, or other properties, of all scorecard objects.


A program is an agency plan or service system put in place to help achieve the desired results. Examples of a program could include: 

  • YMCA Parent Education
  • ABC After School Program
  • Immigrant Achievement ESL Classes
  • Healthy Lifestyles Initiative


A program, listed with a P icon, is typically measured by one or more performance measures. A program is added to a scorecard by creating a container for that program, which also contains the performance measures used to measure the program success.



You can also bring an existing program container into a scorecard, which can then be modified if needed.


To view all programs that are set up so far in your system, choose Objects / Programs. 



You can search for a program by entering any part of the program name in the search field. A program can be viewed, copied, or deleted. Use caution when deleting a program, because a deleted program will be removed from all scorecards that contain that program.



You can also search programs by one or more tags.



Checking the Show Disconnected Only box will filter the list to include only programs that are not used in any containers or scorecards. This is handy if you want to clean out all unused programs from your system.



When one or more programs are selected, by checking the box to the left, you can delete them all at once.


A new program can be created on this page as well, though it’s more common to create programs as part of the container creation process.



Clicking a program name opens the program’s details page.