Release Notes - 2017/05

Clear Impact Release Notes - 2017/05

New Features

  • Added the ability to enter data values for disaggregated measures for a calculated measure directly from the Add Data Values pop-up modal on the Scorecard. This reduces the amount of clicks and complexity necessary to enter data for complicated calculations.
  • Added the ability to customize note help text, default text, and character limits for each note type
  • Added a new clear formatting button to the note editor
  • Added a new clear content button to note editor

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with graphs opening behind text on some scorecard
  • Fixed issue with graphs not exporting on certain Performance Measures
  • Fixed issue with note not saved alert message not displaying when navigating away from a page with unsaved note data
  • Fixed issue with ordered lists not indenting properly when editing notes
  • Fixed issue with duplicate notes being created when using the Turn the Curve tutorial
  • Fixed issue with some users losing access to Scorecard Admin Certification training
  • Fixed issue with calculated measures not displaying all data reported on YTD and accumulation measures
  • Fixed issue with multi-instance users not clearing their scorecard dropdown list cache properly
  • Fixed issue where usernames could be entered with spaces in them
  • Many additional performance improvement and optimizations for loading scorecards and measure data more quickly