Release Notes - 2016/02

Clear Impact Scorecard Release Notes - 2016/02

New Features

  • Added a time series slider to the graphs to make looking at large data sets easier
  • Export to PDF functionality improved for faster exporting and you can now customize what elements from each page are exported.
  • New type to search functionality added to the tag search filter to make filtering tags easier
  • Scorecard description field is now a rich text box for adding bold, bullets, etc.
  • Show/Hide completed actions option added to the Action section of each scorecard object
  • Save & Exit functionality added to all scorecard objects. You can now save and leave the edit page open
  • Calculation type and frequency fields have been added to the Indicator/PM download list option for making imports easier to manage
  • Three time periods now get added with each plus button click when entering data values
  • Action assignedby/to field now displays the full name instead of email address of the user

Bug Fixes

  • Program details page speed optimized for faster loading
  • Fixed issue with some custom reports not being editable after they were saved
  • Extensive audit logging enhancements for better issue resolution
  • Fixed issue with administrators not being able to unlock accounts