Release Notes - 2016/08

Clear Impact Scorecard Release Notes - 2016/08

New Features

  • The Clear Impact Global Success Stories library has now officially been released. You can read organizational success stories and see their successfully turned curves in the Tools --> Success Stories menu items. This library is a central repository for successfully turned curves and the stories behind them. To submit your story to the success stories library have an administrator navigate to Admin --> Success Stories Manager to fill out your profile information and submit your success stories.
  • Success Stories data mining released. In the Admin --> Success Stories manager under the Potential Success Stories tab users can now see a list of all successfully improved Indicators and Performance Measures on their Clear Impact Scorecard account. This list includes measures from all Scorecards across your account.
  • Users can now select a baseline year for each Indicator and Performance Measure. Selecting a custom baseline year enables users to determine the baseline % change column by choosing what year is the baseline they want to beat.
  • All the Scorecard object list pages now include a "Show Disconnected Only" checkbox. This checkbox will filter the list for all Scorecard objects that are not currently connected to a scorecard and display no-where in the software. Indicators and Performance Measures used in calculations but not displayed on Scorecards do not show up with this option. This feature makes it much easier to clean up old and unwanted Scorecard objects.
  • Administrators can now set a user's favorite measures anytime from the Edit user page under the Admin --> Users page. Administrators can use this to set up the homepage for a user to make data entry easier.
  • A new menu item has been added to the note editor toolbar to add a link to a Scorecard object. Users can now easily insert links to other Scorecards, Results, Indicators, Programs, Performance Measures, and Actions right in the note fields anywhere in the software.
  • Calculated Indicators and Performance Measures now display with a green or red dot in the middle left side of their icons. This dot denotes whether all data for disaggregated measures has been input or not. This feature makes it easier for scorecard builders to know if all data values are reporting for calculated measures as well as making it visually apparent which measures are calculated on a Scorecard.
  • Custom Time Period Name Editor - Under the Admin --> Calendar Manager administrators can now set up custom names for time periods for custom calendars. This means that you now set up time period names with multiple year titles for fiscal and school years such as "FY 16/17" or "SY 16/17" in addition to much more. Simply select the Customize button next to your custom calendar to begin updating the time period names.
  • RS Connect has been updated to "Partner Connect". In addition to updating the name the "Share on RS Connect" option has been removed from all scorecards in favor of custom sharing on the Partner Connect management page in the Admin menu item. Administrators can choose which Scorecards they want to share with each partner without needing to complete the additional step of enabling sharing on each individual Scorecard.
  • The admin section of the left sidebar menu has been alphabetized to make finding menu items easier
  • The current Scorecard a user is on now displays as bold in the Scorecard dropdown from the black headerbar. The dropdown also opens to the location of the current Scorecard in the Scorecard hierarchy.
  • Users can now change their username (email address) from the My Account menu item.

Bug Fixes

  • Made several cosmetic updates to Strategy Maps to make them easier to use with external links.