Release Notes - 2016/11

Clear Impact Scorecard Release Notes - 2016/11

New User Design

We’ve redesigned how administrators work in the software to allow for a much greater degree of customization and access control.

We are excited to announce that all users can now be added to multiple Clear Impact Scorecard instances/accounts.This means that if you are a user and collaborate with two different organizations that both use the Clear Impact Scorecard you can be added as a user on both instances and switch back and forth between them seamlessly using the Instance dropdown in the top right corner next to your name. The user is only counted against a license on the first instance they are set up on, so you can add additional partners free of charge if they already have a user account on another instance!

To add a user to your instance who is already a user on another instance, simply add them using their email address like any other user. They will receive new permissions on every instance they become a member of. So you can easily customize their access for just your instance and they will retain their permissions on any other instances they are a member of.

Previously users could hold several elevated administrator roles including Super Administrator, Site-Family Administrator, and Site Owner. These roles were specialized roles created to give some users the ability to access multiple Clear Impact Scorecard instances/accounts.

The previously elevated privileges of the Site Owner, Site-Family Administrator, and Super Administrator have all been condensed into a single role now available on the user edit page called "Instance Administrator". Instance Administrators have the elevated rights to manage the API key, view account billing information, manage Partner Connect requests, and if you are a member of an account that has multiple Scorecard Instances, you can create and manage your multi-instance licenses and details.

All existing Site Owners, Site-Family Administrators, and Super Administrators have been migrated to the new roles appropriately.

Other New Features

  • Baseline Year is now denoted graphs throughout the software
  • Homepage favorite measures will now display for all favorite measures across multiple instances if your user account is a member of multiple instances
  • Action assignment emails now include the username of the user who created the Action.

Bug Fixes

  • Various API bug fixes
  • Calculated Measure fully updated status indicator fix
  • Success Story Library interface updates