Release Notes - 2018/06

Clear Impact Scorecard Release Notes - 2018/06

New Features

  • Easier Note Editing – We have update the text editor with a brand new one that works much better! Formatting your notes has never been easier.
  • Faster Object Editing – Making changes to an object (Results, Indicator, Program, PM) no longer requires you to enter the ‘edit’ screen – you can now add data, manage relationships, and edit all object details directly on the Turn the Curve or Result/Program details page.  This makes editing much faster.
  • Faster CSV Imports – Imports are much faster. You will get an instant confirmation that imports are in progress. You can also continue working in the system while imports are processed.
  • Painless Scorecard Editing – Instead of having to edit an entire scorecard, you can edit individual sections as you wish. Changes can be made faster and there is less chance for error.  
  • New Setting: Default Time Period – Available on the Admin->General Settings, this option enables you to set a date that will open by default when entering data for a new measure. You will no longer have to click the ‘+’ button multiple times to get to the correct date.
  • New Feature: Measure Definition Field – Indicators and Performance Measures now have a have a definition text box where you can input background or context information about the measure.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with CSV imports timing out
  • Fixed issue with large scorecards timing out on edit
  • Fixed issue with bulleted lists not formatting correctly in notes
  • Fixed issue with some PDF text not exporting cleanly
  • Fixed issue with error appear when saving some Actions