Reports Overview

Overview of the Clear Impact Scorecard custom reporting module.

The Clear Impact Scorecard Custom Reporting Module is a reporting and business intelligence platform that connects directly to your Clear Impact Scorecard database. The Custom Reporting Module enables you to easily access your databases directly and quickly transform raw data into useful and readily understood information. The purpose of providing this tool to our users is to give them a low-cost way to restructure and create new views for their data without the cost of custom development. To access the reporting module a user must have the Add/Edit Reports or View Reports roles assigned to them.

The Custom Reporting Module is designed for users who are already familiar with business intelligence applications or have experience with other custom reporting systems such as SQL Server Reporting Services or Crystal Reports. If you do not have this experience and need to write your own custom reports you may want to seek out someone in your organization that has experience with custom reporting. Your IT department will likely be able to help you find someone. If you are unable to locate someone in your organization to create the report for you, contact your account manager and we will happily provide a quote for you to have our professional services team create the report for you.

Tech savvy users without specific training will be able to learn the basics of reporting by following the lessons provided here in the documentation and can expand their knowledge through using the system and experimentation. If you are unfamiliar with how databases work this video will give you a helpful overview.

With the Clear Impact Scorecard Custom Reporting Module, you can:

  • Extract the information you need from one or more related tables.
  • Format data into tables, reports, charts, pivots, and gauges.
  • View the resulting report in your Web-browser and then print it.
  • Export reports in several formats, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Adobe PDF.

The Custom Reporting Module's point-and-click interface is designed for the standard tech savvy user, with advanced options available for those with greater access and skill. Many users will never design reports, but simply make modifications to current core reports or reports created by their organization

The documentation provided here is meant to give you an overview of the reporting features to grant you familiarity with how to create various kinds of reports. We don't go into detail on every feature of every page due to the large degree of flexibility and customization that the reporting section has. Help tips are provided in-line on each page by hovering over any content you may have a question about.