Tags are used to identify or find specific scorecard objects. 



Tags are particularly useful when you need to find a specific object, such as a result or performance measure, when there are multiple objects with the same name in your system.



There are several ways to create tags. 


The most common way to add a tag is to create or select it while creating or editing a scorecard object. In the Add Tag field, simply enter the name of the tag. If the tag already exists in the system, you’ll be able to choose the tag from a list. If the tag doesn’t yet exist, it will be created when you finish typing and press Enter.



Objects can have up to five tags assigned, but only the first tag will be displayed with the scorecard object. All tags can be used for searching and filtering.



You can also create tags from your Tags list. To view this list, choose Objects / Tags.


To create a tag, click Add New at the top right.



Assign a name and an optional description, and click Save.


In the list of tags, checking the Show Disconnected Only box will filter the list to include only tags that are not used in any scorecard objects. This is handy if you want to clean out all unused tags from your system.


When searching in any scorecard object list, you can enter tags to narrow the search. Entering multiple tags will filter the list to show all objects with any tag, not necessarily objects that have all tags.