Object Types

Customize different object types to control how your scorecards are displayed.

The Object Types page allows you to customize what types of objects are available to users for building Scorecards.  Containers are used to group Measures on a Scorecard while Measures are used to quantify and measure Containers.  This page allows you to create new types, configure existing types, and finally delete un-used object types.

To access the Object Types editor select Admin --> Object Types


Editing an Existing Object Type

  1. Select Edit next to the object type you would like to edit
  2. Update the settings
  3. Select Save

Note - edits made to existing object types will instantly update and show for all objects of that type.  So if you rename an object from "Result" to "Outcome" all Results will not be labeled as "Outcomes".

Configuring Notes for an Object Type

  1. Select Configure Notes next to the object type
  2. Update the default notes
  3. Select Save

Note - Updates made to the Notes for an object type only apply to NEW objects of that type.  These changes will not add or remove any notes from existing objects of that type.  This is to ensure that large amounts of note data cannot be accidentally removed.

Deleting an Object Type

  1. Select Delete next to the object type
  2. Select Confirm

Note - An object type cannot be deleted if any objects are currently assigned to that type.  You must first re-assign or delete all objects of a type before the type itself can be deleted.