Default Reports

To run one of the default standard reports, open the Default Folder on the Report Builder page.


The reports in this folder are pre-configured reports requested and used by many Scorecard users. Each report has either a List or Summary icon. In the image below, the Action ToDos report has the Summary icon, indicating that some values are calculated. A List report contains only report fields and their data, with no calculations.

Note: Only global admins can add reports to the Default Folder.

It’s worth taking some time to explore this list of reports, to see which reports can be helpful for your organization.

Each report has a Copy and Run button. Clicking Copy enables you to customize the report with specific fields and / or filters. To generate the report as-is, with current Scorecard data, click Run


This example shows the report of nested parent-child measures. In this report, each parent measure can be expanded to show its child measures, with Expand All and Collapse All buttons at the top. The fields (column headers) along the top are preset, and the table can be re-ordered by clicking a column header. Fields for child measures are also preset.


At the top of the report page is the Back to Reports button, and an Export button to export the report in several formats. There is also an Export to Excel icon above the report.