Partner Connect

For users with instance administrator permission.

Partner Connect is a channel for scorecard sharing with other organizations who use Scorecard. 

When you grant partner access to a scorecard, your partner can access all containers and measures in that scorecard. This makes it easy to share large amounts of data without having to adjust sharing settings on individual scorecard objects.

You control whom you connect with and what you share, and your partners control what you can see from them. Connections can be two-way, in which both sides share content with each other, or one-way, in which one partner’s content is shared but the other partner’s content is not. Sharing is done at the scorecard level; individual measures are not shared.

For instance, a grant maker can share only relevant scorecard measures with each funded partner, and collect data from these partners. They do not have to share unrelated scorecards or measures.

None of your content is shared via Partner Connect by default. Only what you choose to share will be shared.

Tip: If you don't want to share any of your complete scorecards, you can set up a separate scorecard just for sharing. That scorecard would contain just public content, and / or content you wish to share.


Organizations are connected via Clear Impact instance codes. Your instance code always appears at the top right of any Scorecard window. You will need this code from each organization with whom you want to partner.


To configure partnerships, click the Administration icon at the top, and choose Partner Connect


At the top of the Partner Connect page, enter the instance code of the organization with whom you want to connect, then click Request Connection. If you want to partner with an organization who does not yet use Scorecard, click Refer Clear Impact.


The request triggers a validity check for the code. If the code is valid, a Partner Connect request email is sent to the organization's instance admin. This request is for a two-way partnership, with mutual sharing. If accepted, and you don’t want to share your own content, you can revoke one-way access. Or you can just choose not to share any scorecards.

Once partnerships are established, each partner organization who shares content with you, and whom you share content with, are listed in the Partner Connect window. 

To share your scorecards with a partner organization listed in Organizations with Access to Your Shared Content, click Edit Scorecards.


This opens a window in which you can move scorecards to the Has Access To column. 


You can revoke access on either side of a partnership. This cannot be reversed, so be sure you want to proceed before clicking the Revoke link. You can always restore the connection by sending a new request with the instance code.