Reporting Frequencies

For users with instance administrator permission.

When adding a measure to a result or program, one of the fields is Reporting Frequency - how often data values are entered. By default, you can choose from Monthly, Quarterly, Annually, or Half Year


To add additional calendar frequencies, click the Administration icon at the top, and choose Reporting Frequencies.

Click Add New Calendar.


In this example, the “Bi-Annual School Year” calendar is for school semesters, so there are two periods each year. The Start date is September 1 each year, and the prefix for this frequency will be “Sem.” 


After clicking Save, the calendar is added to the list. You can delete a calendar if it’s not already in use in a measure, or click Customize to assign names to time periods.


In this customization example, “Fall” and “Spring” labels are applied to two years’ worth of time periods. Click Update to save changes.


An added calendar can be deleted only if there are no measures that use its frequency. Clicking Delete will display a popup listing all measures that would be affected.