Scorecard Backups and Data Restoration

Data entered into Clear Impact Scorecard is backed up regularly. All backups are encrypted and stored at multiple offsite locations, to ensure that they are available in the unlikely event that a restore is necessary.

A rolling live replica of Scorecard's primary database is constantly taken, on a 1-hour delay. Additionally, a full backup snapshot of the database is taken once every 24 hours. These backups are kept for no less than 3 months at a time.

In the event of data corruption or loss arising from a system malfunction, data will be restored promptly for all customers under our standard service level agreement.

Data lost due to accidental deletion or other user error is not covered under the standard SLA. In the event that lost data needs to be recovered, our professional services team can help. Data recovery service is charged at the current professional software services hourly rate, and must be purchased in a 4-hour block minimum. 

For more information please contact your account manager, or email