Clear Impact Suite Overview

How Scorecard, Compyle, and Control work together to track and tell your organization's Impact Story while helping you Turn the Curves™️ to improve lives in your Community


  • Scorecard's indicators and performance measures track aggregate information and disaggregated data about client populations and communities.
    • Summary information (totals, percents, averages, YTD)
    • Data disaggregated by demographic or geographic factors


  • Compyle captures the day-to-day services and support organizations provide to individuals, families, & organizations.
    • Collects participant demographics, case notes, service records, surveys, files, and assessments
    • Includes tools to aggregate client service data to feed into Scorecard


  • Control takes of organization details, user access, and subscription details to ensure your organization has the right level of tools for your current and emerging needs.
    • Manage users and their access to your site(s) and applications within suite
    • Includes tools to view and manage your subscription, payment method, invoices, and other billing details.e 


1 System: 3 Applications, 3 Levels of Data,


Examples of the data levels in Scorecard and Compyle