Compyle Release Notes - Winter 2021-2022

Summary Overview of Enhancements & Improvements included in the 23 Dec. 2021 Compyle Upgrade


 Improved Survey Management 

  • Organize surveys, assessments, and other data collection instruments into data collection types
  • Archive surveys that are no longer in use
  • More survey data export options to support analysis
  • Public links added for surveys as well as survey instances
  • Notify Users feature: Choose who to email when surveys are completed 

Expanded Survey Data Collection

  • Added ability to require questions
  • Increased electronic signature capabilities 
  • Gather participant data updates within surveys

Augmented Note Functionality

  • Designate required fields
  • Allow external users/participants to complete notes
  • Optionally notify staff when notes are completed
  • Compyle will automatically create note instances based on data entry

Upgraded Compylation Features

  • Increased calculation capabilities
  • Enriched filtering options

Refinements and Fixes

  • Participant Search Filters now include custom participant and custom group fields.
  • Organizations will now have an Outcomes tab in the Organization folder
  • The electronic signature text field type has been replaced by expanded required signatures functionality for survey instances. Existing signature fields have been converted to short answer text fields.
  • Improved internal support tools
  • Replaced automatic instance owner notification with configurable user notification tool