Compyle Hotfix Release Notes Sept. 2022

Hotfixes after the Compylations & Scorecard Feeds Sept. 2022 Release

Hotfixes are small, bug fixing releases that are deployed separate from a big release. They do not usually involve interface changes or lots of new features. The focus is on making the software work they way you would expect it to and as it is intended to function. 

Hotfix 1 on 9/21/2022 

  • Fixes: 
    • Graph selection changes update data table & export
    • Create new calculation button availability
    • Participant data fields plus multi-entry form save = completion status issue
    • Group field & custom participant field filter errors
  • Features: 
    • Allow Control to update Compyle instance site name and code

Hotfix 2 on 9/27/2022 

  • Fixes:
    • Filters with “no data” option 
    • Allow colon in compylation name
    • User last accessed date (blanks will no longer show as today)
    • Multi-entry form & in-form calculation message (remove extra fields mentioned)
    • Update the data table when graph selections are edited by clicking options in the graph legend
    • Options turned off in graph will not be off in other calculations
    • Homepage participants group count link will open group list
    • Homepage scorecard feed count link will open scorecard feed list
    • Custom calculations with unanswered question counts for true/false fields
    • Create Scorecard Feed button only available for option fields with a single option selected if “plot separately” is selected
  • Features: 
    • Make compylation graphs accessible to assistive tech, like screen readers
    • Upgrade to the latest graph library version