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Organizing Information in Compyle

Implementation Suggestions: Where to put What & Why: How to Organize Information in your Compyle Site

Entity Forms: Participant Form / Organization Form

The Participant Form serves as the profile or face sheet for the individuals that your organization interacts with, and it tracks top level, identifying information


This form is for capturing:
    1. identifying information about people, such as name, phone number, date of birth
    2. demographic information and other data that changes infrequently, such as marital status or education level
    3. information that would only be captured one time but remain accurate ( perhaps updated annually)
    4. information that will be used to disaggregate survey/service/activity data
    5. data that would be asked of at least 75-80% of people


Data Collection Forms: Surveys, Notes, and Other Data Tools

Surveys, Data Tools, and Notes are designed to collect information about conditions or activities in the moment.


This is data that:

  1. may be collected multiple times for the same person
  2. may not be collected for all people (and so not on the Participant record)
  3. is often expected to change over time--if not every time it is collected
  4. is a snapshot in time
  5. is gathered repeatedly about the same person or about participants in the same program



  • Surveys/Data Tools
    • Assessments, satisfaction surveys, health screenings
    • Activities/Engagements/ Services: Attendance, units of service, referrals
  • Notes
    • Activities/ Engagements/Services: Case notes, units of service, call logs, referrals
    • History/Background Information: Medical history, history of trauma, justice system history, 


Documents tab

The Documents tab is for attaching files to a Participant or Organization record for informational purposes. The data in the uploaded files cannot be used in analytics, but users can download and view the documents for more contextual information about the person or organization. 



Groups are a way of organizing participants and managing access to their records. A participant can be in multiple groups. Each group can have its own set of fields for tracking details about the participants while they are in the group. Participants can be added to survey instances by group, and the list of group members can  be exported with or without the participants surveys and notes. 

Additionally, access is managed at the group level. An user will be able to access any participants who are in at least one of the user's allowed groups. The user will be able to see all information for the participant except for any private surveys which are only accessible to administrators.


Group membership can change frequently. Compyle tracks who is currently a member of a group but not the history of past group memberships.  Once a participant is removed from a group, the group fields are no longer available on the Participant form.