Compyle Release Notes - February 2023

Search & Data Management Tools

Overview of Feature Categories

Set of tools for finding records, managing data collection instances, and simplifying navigation

  • Search Features
    • Improved Search Filters: by Groups, System Fields, Primary Worker
    • Universal Search: search participants and organization together
    • Add Group Members: search capabilities added
  •  Data Management Features
    • Bulk Survey Updates: close all in progress survey instances or start all pending instances for a survey or a data collection
    • Export System Fields: created date, modified date, who by, source
  • Navigation Improvements
    • Create-New-Save Action: choose where to send users after they save a new participant / organization (search, doc folder, reopen record)
    • Viewer Role: improved user experience/fixed bugs for standard role
  • Random Refinements

Search Features 

  • Universal Search: Search across participants and organizations
    • Benefit: Administrators can more easily find the record(s) their users are requesting help with.
  • Search by Group Assignment: find participants and organizations based on the groups they are currently part of
    • Benefit:  More easily access lists of group members. 
  • Search by Primary Worker: search by the case manager/ primary worker assigned to a participant
    • Benefit:  Allow staff to more easily cover for absent coworkers. Make it easier to handle staff transitions by easily identifying current caseloads. 
  • Search by System Fields: search for records by Created Date, Created By, Modified Date, Modified By, and Source
    • Benefit: Find recently added or updated records. Find records based on how they came into the system. 
  • Add to Group - with Search: added the ability to search or filter the participants/ organizations being added to a group
    • Benefit: Much easier to find and select the desired participants or organizations instead of paging through an increasingly long list. Saves time and effort. 

Data Management Tools

Bulk SurveyUpdates

  • Single Survey/Data Tool - Manage Instances
    • Close All in Progress Instances for current Survey/Data Tool
      • Benefit: Easily “Complete” multiple instances of a survey so they can be included in analytics
    • Start All Pending Instances for current Survey/Data Tools
      • Benefit: Readily open any and all pending instances of a survey so that responses can be collected
  • Data Collection - Manage All Surveys/Data Tools in the collection
    • Close All in Progress Instances for all Surveys/Data Tools in Data Collection
      • Benefit: Easily “Complete” instances for multiple surveys/data tools at once so that the data can be included in analytics without having to manually close each instance
    • Start All Pending Instances for all Surveys/Data Tools in Data Collection
      • Benefit: Open pending instances for all surveys/data tools in a data collection at once instead of one at a time, saving time and effort

Export System Fields

  • System Fields Optionally Included in Exports: Created Date, Created By, Modified Date, Modified By, Source, RecordID (not the Case Number)
    • Benefit: More contextual information about the records that were captured in Compyle
  • Export - locations:
    • the All Participants list / the All Organizations list
    • from a Participant folder / an Organization folder
    • from a Group
    • from a Survey, from a Survey Instance, from a Note Type

Navigation Improvements

  • Create-New Save Action: choose the workflow when a new Participant or Organization record is created
    • Benefit: Greater flexibility to tailor Compyle to support your organization’s intake processes
  • Viewer Role improvements: smoother navigation for this standard role
    • Benefit: Easier to support users with this role


Random Refinements

  • Clarified activity log messaging for surveys & survey instances
  • Customized email templates persistence
  • Search with invalid dates
  • Description fields - hide name, make name optional, clear required field check, wrap text
  • Survey/data tool tab order improvements
  • Correcting labels