Compyle Release Notes - Hotfix Mini Release: Sept. 2023

Releasing on Tuesday, Sept.12, 2023



  • Usability: Refresh button and Last Updated date & time added to My Downloads and Data Downloads pages to make viewing current info easier. (See picture.)

  • Usability: Call number link appears for saved phone numbers on Participant and Organization records

  • Functionality: File field type available for Public Forms and Note Type forms

  • Performance: Indexes added for Gender, Race, and State for faster filtering and segmenting of compylations

  • Usability: Added ability to filter whether or not a file has been uploaded when in All Participants search and the All Organizations search  (See picture.)  



  • Quotation marks in paragraph fields will not prevent opening any records (some affected)
  • Note records created from links will appear in analytics.
  • Likert Scale displays in a more readable fashion on mobile and from emailed survey links
  • Attach files work on surveys from emailed survey links
  • Display of Time Spent field data on pending and in progress surveys makes sense now
  • Display of blank Time field on saved records shows as blank now.
  • Phone type Data Update fields now have phone number formatting
  • Grammar is better for the File type field filter in All Participants 

Feature Pictures

My Downloads with a Refresh button and the last updated date and time
Search Filter for File Field on Participant Form