Compyle Release Notes - September 2022

Sept. 2022: Compylations & Scorecard Feeds Upgrade

Overview of Feature Categories

Compylation Features & Improvements

  • Expanded Calculation Filters & Summaries: more analytic options, increased geographic disaggregation capabilities
    • Date Filters for Calculations: Focus on the time period relevant to you
    • Participant ID system field: Distinct count summary allows for reporting on the number of unique participants for each time period. 
    • Segment By: now includes city, state, and zip code fields

  • Improved Compylation and Calculation Interface: increase ease of use and intuitiveness
    • Copy Compylation: easily create a copy of all calculations within a compylation so you can change report filters based on data needs
    • Edit Calculation: columns reordered for a more natural data flow, added ability to rename calculation in editor
    • Select Calculation: interface simplified for greater ease of use

  • Enhanced Graph Options: greater transparency about what is being counted and where
    • View Data: display data table below graph
    • Export Data CSV: export data table values in a spreadsheet
    • Export XLSX: export data table values in a spreadsheet
    • Upgraded integrated graphing library to most recent version

  • General Improvements: Comprehensive audit of existing functionality surfaced some deep, special case bugs that have now been addressed, such as:
    • Segment By selection when multiple calculations are present in a compylation
    • Unanswered Response counting conditions clarified
    • Standard Deviation calculations clarified
    • Time period & field type combination specific irregularities resolved

Scorecard Feed Expansion

  • Interface Redesign: greatly increase the information available about existing scorecard feeds, including the calculations and data that they draw on
    • Scorecard Feed List: increased sortable columns, scheduling info added, more consistent layout
    • Scorecard Feed  - Overview: measure type, measure ID, data transfer type, last transfer
    • Scorecard Feed - Data Details: data values and graph, data collection, data tool/note/survey, frequency, completed instances count, 
    • Scorecard Feed - History: tracks when data sent to scorecard, transfer method, and who initiated the transfer
    • Scorecard Feed - Calculation Details: summary type, calculation name, compylation name
    • Scorecard Feed - Filter Details: date range filters, field options included

  • Scheduling / Automation for Scorecard Feeds: Set it and forget it!
    • Schedule Data button: view and edit scheduling options or set to manual
    • Choose how often to send data, which day it will transfer, and when/if the data feed should stop sending data

  • Other New Functionality: manage your feeds and your measures more easily
    • Download Data button: exports CSV, see what would be included in a data transmission today
    • Archive Scorecard Feed button: retire a scorecard feed and suspend data transfer
    • Data Source in Scorecard: creating a scorecard feed sets the data source to “Compyle Scorecard Feed” for that measure in Scorecard
    • Existing Feed to Measure Check: prevent duplicate feeds to the same measure, avoid conflicting data updates
    • Homepage: Analytics: add counts of manual and scheduled feeds


Performance: Reporting Server - *On hold as of release on 9/14/2022*

  • Adding resources to meet the increasing demands of an expanding customer base
  • Analytics, some data exports, and other data processing will run on a dedicated reporting server. This will free up resources for data entry, imports, and searches since they will not be competing with analytics and exports.
  • The reporting server is configured for retrieving and processing information quickly. It’s purpose built for analytics so that Compylations, Calculations, and Scorecard Feeds will load more quickly even with the new features being added to those areas.



Random Refinements

  • Participant/Organization Folder - Outcomes tab
    • Added pagination for every 20 outcomes: improve folder load times
    • Resolved minor display issue
  • Multi-Entry Form improvements
    • Increased the display height and width
    • Disabled browser autofill in certain areas where data type wouldn’t match
    • Resolved issue with time field entry
  • RYP chat icon placement
    • Added padding around the chat balloon so it would not partially overlap pagination links
  • Navigation
    • Smoother navigation from session expired warning
    • Improved upgrade alert message with link to release notes
    • Added current instance and recently visited instances to left sidebar menu: remedied issue with site switching on mobile devices