Compyle Release Notes - Winter 2022

External Participant Referrals, Anonymous Surveys, & Responder Types release

Overview of Feature Categories

  • External Participant Referrals: simplifies the process for referring participants, adds  survey landing page options, referral skips the email address entry, optional setting
  • Responder Types: collect survey responses from participants, organizations, anonymous, and outside providers referring participants
  • Anonymous Responses: anonymous surveys, anonymous records (similar to participants), optional setting
  • Group Access Management features: automatically assign new participants/organizations to groups based on the public form completed, resolved a group permissions access conflict, option to disable the "pending" status hold for new participants

  • Form Design Enhancements : improvements for Entity forms, Public forms, Surveys/Data Tools
  • Assorted Refinements: fixes/finesse added for Groups & User Access, Analytics, Navigation



    Participant Referrals

    • Referral option for external providers, family, and friends referring a new participant
    • New survey/data tool setting for allow participant referrals
    • New buttons on survey/data tool landing page 
      • Myself [Self] -> email prompt
      • Someone Else [Referral] -> bypasses email entry and opens participant public registration form then survey/data tool
      • Anonymous -> opens anonymous public form for new record then survey/data tool
      • Organization - > opens anonymous organization form for new record then survey/data tool
    • Compyle captures the source of the new record behind the scenes

    Responder Type

    See also Responder Type Definitions and Table   

    • Responder Type options are based on the Entity type settings and Anonymous Entity settings the Compyle Admin > Instance Settings details.
    • A survey/data tool level setting with the option to specify the public form to use for each different responder type.
    • Survey/data tool instance responses will display an icon based on the responder type
    • Survey Instance list will show icons for responder types for that instance
    • Data Collection list of surveys will include responder type icons based on survey settings (not responses)
      • Interface updates to include new terms, icons, and options:  
        • Surveys/Data Tools: data collection list of surveys/data tools, survey/data tool creation wizard, survey/data tool details, survey/data tool settings, copy survey/data tool, survey access page, responder details sidebar
        • Survey/Data Tool Instances: create new instance, survey instance view, survey instance settings, instance report view, add instance responders popup, add responders by group popup

        Interface Updates: Clearer Language

        See also Responder Type Definitions and Table   

        • Responders: "a person or thing that answers a survey"; participants, organizations, or anonymous entities that complete a survey/data tool. 
        • Participants: clients, service recipients, consumers, humans receiving service/advocacy/support/activity etc
        • Organizations: agencies, departments, or programs receiving service/funding/advocacy/support/ etc
        • Anonymous: entities completing a survey or other data ask who choose not to identify themselves
        • Responses: survey/data tool records submitted for a particular instance
        • Referrers: outside providers, family, or friends who refer a participant by submitting a survey/data tool response

    Anonymous Response Feature

    • New Anonymous Entity (for unlimited & legacy customers)
      • Each anonymous record will only have one additional survey response record under it and a record history. Anonymous records are excluded from attached documents and notes. 
      • Anonymous records can be searched and viewed
      • Anonymous responses to surveys can be edited
      • Anonymous standard and custom fields can be edited by admins
      • Different Anonymous public forms can be created for different data gathering purposes
      • Activation requires change to Compyle Admin > Instance Settings by Clear Impact staff
    • Anonymous Responses 
      • Anonymous survey replies create new Anonymous records with a new anonymous record added for each survey/data tool response received.
      • Anonymous responses will trigger a new survey instance if there is not one for the current period
      • Anonymous records do not appear as “Pending” but are immediately active
      • Allow for potential duplicate responses by the same person or group
      • Requires a survey level setting  once the Anonymous entity is activated in the Compyle Admin Instance Settings. 


    Form Design Enhancements

    • Entity Forms (Participants Form, Organizations Form, Anonymous Form)
      • Require fields, reorder fields, show/hide Gender standard field
      • Calculation fields now available on entity forms (but not available for data update fields)
    • Public Forms
      • Form creation wizard added & improved list display
      • Public registration forms for Organizations and Anonymous now allowed
      • Public form entity type/responder type single-select setting added
      • Ability to auto assign group based on public form
      • Increase flexibility to hide/show/require standard and custom fields
    • Surveys/Data Tools
      • Data Update Fields (formerly Participant Data Fields) now include Organization fields as well as Participant fields

    Group Access Management Features 

    • Public forms: option to automatically assign new participants/organizations to groups based on the public form completed
    • Pending Status: option to deactivate “pending” status for new participants and new organizations
    • Permissions: resolved a group permissions access conflict; users may access participants in their assigned groups even if those participants are also members of restricted groups


    Random Refinements

    • Analytics
      • Scorecard Feeds - Note Type feeds appear in list
      • Compylations - Filter wording & grammar
      • Compylations - fixed bug with percent of total calculations & filters so that filter is applied for all option counts and total before percentages are calculated
    • Navigation
      • Resolved infrequent issue with blank screen during navigation.
      • Improved display for folder sidebar data