Receiving External Referrals

How to Accept Participant Referrals to Compyle using Public Forms and Survey Forms

In some cases, a participant will be referred to an organization by someone other than the participant. This could be a friend, family member, teacher, case manager, or medical provider.  The person making the referral may click a link on the organization's website or social media to complete a referral survey form.  

Referral Survey Form Settings

To make this process easier, you can set the survey to "Accept Referrals" in the survey settings. 


What Users See

If the Accept Referrals option is active, clicking the link for the survey or a survey instance will prompt the user to choose who to fill out the form for. Participants can choose "Myself" to enter their own information or a self-referral. Those referring another person can choose "Someone Else".  

The Someone Else button will open a new Participant form to fill out followed by the survey form. The Public Form survey setting for Participants controls what version of the Participant form responders see. Any Participant records created from an external referral like this will have "referral" entered in the Source system field.

Why the Accept Referrals Option Exists

The typical survey response prompts for an email address, which can be confusing, and the person making the referral may enter their own email instead of the new participant's email. The referrer may not know the email address for the participant 

Note: The External Referral feature is separate from the Referral Network feature, which is for Compyle to Compyle participant referrals.