Free Tier Compyle Sites

Why is there a Participant Limit in some Compyle sites?How do free Compyle instances differ from paid subscription Compyle sites?

Free tier sites are limited to 10 participant and organization records total. There can be many survey and note records for those 10 participants or organizations. Users are not limited for the free tier site, so that multiple team members can explore Compyle. 

All recent and future Scorecard instances will have a companion free tier Compyle site available. Summary data from Compyle can be transferred to Scorecard measures through Compyle-to-Scorecard Feeds that are created from Compyle calculations.

Free Compyle Site Dashboard View

In a free, trial Compyle site, the Subscription Limit count, Records Available count, and Upgrade buttons will appear on the Participants tile in the Compyle Dashboard.


Note: A free tier Compyle site is not the same as an Unlimited Suite - Partner site or Child site, which may be provided by the Unlimited Suite's lead agency at no cost to the partner. The partners' Compyle instances are considered paid subscriber sites and will have no record limit for participants, organizations, and anonymous responders.