Recaptcha - Verifying New Participants, Anonymous Responders, and Organizations

How Compyle Confirms that New Entity Records are Coming from Humans

Compyle is currently using recaptcha 2.0 (identify all of the pictures of stairs or bikes, etc) to verify that new Participant, Anonymous, and Organization records are coming from humans.

When someone uses a Compyle link to complete a survey form or note form, if they enter a new email address, they are prompted to complete a new Participant form first. That Participant form includes recaptcha to verify that they are a human. The recaptcha verification is present on the default Participant public form and on any other Public form/custom version of the Participant form.

The Recaptcha verification only becomes required when multiple new Participant records are being completed on the same device within a relatively short time period. That is because creating multiple new participants in rapid succession on the same computer or tablet is unexpected behavior.