Sample Unlimited Suite Rollout Plan

Example of an unlimited suite (25 or more connected Scorecard-Compyle paired instances) implementation timeline

Sample Unlimited Suite Rollout Timeline 

Last updated 4/19/2022 

March 2022 

  • Hold brief Suite overview for sites on 3/7/22 
  • Identify pilot participants from volunteers at 3/7/22 demo (Google form) by 3/21/22 
  • Obtain examples of forms from Partner/Affiliate Sites by 3/30/22 

April 2022 

  • Complete Lead Agency review of site forms and data points by 4/15/22 

May 2022 

  • Send email to pilot group volunteers to confirm participation by 5/6/22 
  • Determine data collection requirements/standard forms for sites by 5/13/22 
  • Ensure alignment of data points and performance measures for Scorecard by 5/20/22 
  • Determine needs around the historical participant and KRA data and create plan for data migration by 5/25/22 

June 2022 

  • Share plan with all sites (not just pilot) for historical participant and KRA data by 6/1/22 
  • Create a “standard site” with all tools that will be required by 6/10/22 
  • Align “standard site” to Scorecard and determine data frequency by 6/20/22 
  • Determine reporting requirements in Scorecard (for annual and semi-annual reporting) by 6/20/22 
  • Finish building and testing data entry templates by 6/20/22 
  • Sites receive two templates by 6/30/22: historical data template for FY19-22 and active families template for FY23 Jul 1 – Nov 30 

July 2022 

  • Create final plan for pilot group by 7/15/22 
  • Follow-up with pilot participants and identify date for kick-off meeting by 7/22/22 

August 2022 

  • Create pilot group feedback forms by 8/15/22 
  • Hold kick-off meeting/training with pilot participants between 8/22/22 and 8/30/22 

September 2022 

  • Pilot group begins using Compyle on 9/1/22 
  • Touchpoint with pilot group for feedback/Q&A during week of 9/8/22 
  • Pilot group feedback reviewed on a rolling basis during September 
  • Pilot group closes on 9/29/22 and all feedback due 
  • Determine plan for future asks for changes (after implementation begins) by 9/29/22 
  • All sites submit completed historical data migration templates to Clear Impact by 9/30/22 

October 2022 

  • Pilot group feedback compiled and shared with Lead Agency and dev team for review by 10/5/22 
  • Clear Impact completes data quality checks on submitted templates of historical data by 10/20/22 
  • Schedule December trainings for all sites by 10/25/22 
  • Any possible initial changes made to forms and/or fields by 10/22/22 
  • Any development requests from pilot group completed by 10/29/22 

November 2022 

  • Review changes with pilot group and get feedback by 11/1/22 
  • Complete final changes from October review (forms or dev) by 11/12/22 
  • Clear Impact completes migration of historical data by 11/25/22 
  • All sites submit completed active families data migration templates to Clear Impact by 11/30/22 

December 2022 

  • Clear Impact completes data quality checks on submitted templates of active families by 12/10/22 
  • Training held for all sites between 12/5/22 and 12/16/22 
  • Ask pilot participants to share during the training 
  • Clear Impact completes data migration of active families (submitted on 11/30/22) by 12/30/22 

January 2023 

  • All sites begin using the system on 1/2/23 
  • Office hours available early in the month for users (date/hours to be determined)