Gantt Chart

A Gantt Chart is a timeline view of actions

To see all actions in the system, choose Objects / Action Manager / Gantt Chart

Note: You can also view a Gantt Chart for a specific scorecard, which will be discussed toward the end of this article.

This displays all scorecard objects that include an action, and expanding a scorecard object lists the actions inside. On the right, you can see a timeline of each individual action, as well as the overall timeline of each scorecard object.


At the top right are buttons to Hide Measures (displaying only actions) and Export the chart. Above the chart itself are filter options for current  / all actions, assignee, and calendar view. The Select Date Range filter enables you to see only recent or upcoming actions, or actions that fall within a specific date range.


Double-clicking an action opens it for editing, where you can change title, status, assignee, or time period. 


You can also adjust an action’s time frame directly in the chart, by dragging its start or end. Dragging the slider in the middle sets the percent completion. 


For the full set of action editing options, click the action’s Edit icon. 

This opens the action in a separate tab, where you can make edits or status updates, or add file attachments, to-do’s, or relationships.

Each scorecard object has an Add icon, which can be used to add a new action from scratch to the object.


Fill in the basic details for the action, including status, assignee, and time period, and click Save.


The new action appears below its scorecard object.


To view the Gantt Chart for an individual scorecard, start in the scorecard view. Click the Scorecard View drop-down and choose Gantt Chart.


This displays an expandable list of all objects in the scorecard. Objects that have actions can be expanded to see those actions. Objects with no actions appear in the timeline only for the current date.