For paid subscriptions, in addition to indicators and performance measures, variables are another type of measure.

A variable is a no-cost alternative to an indicator or performance measure, designed to act only as a child (disaggregated) measure used in a calculated (aggregated) measure. Variables cannot be used as a stand-alone measure in a result or program container, and they contain only data - no notes, actions, or file attachments. Variables do not count against the total number of measures in your account.

Note: A variable can also be used as a compared measure.

As an example, the performance measure shown below uses a ratio calculation, whose source data is taken from two other measures. These disaggregated (child) measures could be other performance measures or indicators, but in this case both child measures are variables. 

When viewing a variable, any measures that take their data from this variable appear under Measure that Aggregate this Measure.