Compyle Release Notes: Optimization & More - May 2024

Features and Functionality in the Release

Release Overview - Optimization & More

The number of organizations who rely on Compyle is growing at a steady pace, and this is expected to continue to increase. To support this growth, our recent development efforts have focused on improving Compyle's performance from a number of different angles.  Your users may not notice slight improvements in response times, page loads, and navigation in Compyle now, but they would have noticed latency in the future if we did not take preventative measures now.  

While much of the optimization efforts occurred behind the scenes, there are feature enhancements for data collection navigation, segmenting data in analytics, viewer user experience, using the Anonymous Response feature, and various assorted bug fixes.  

Release Feature Summary


The release deployed on Wed., May 29, 2024. A hotfix release deployed on June 5th to resolve three issues following the major release.



    Overall Optimization

    Greater Efficiency: Queries, Components, and Tools

    • Optimizing queries and API calls with a focus on long-running queries and those called frequently. Adding indexes to reduce data retrieval time. Even saving a few milliseconds when running a query can have a large impact if that query is used a lot or has to finish before other queries can start. 
    • Upgrading component libraries to gain access to newer and more efficient features which also decreases the number of behind the scenes warnings about outdated functions
    • Reducing server logging by 90% without reducing relevant technical data capture. 

    Performance: Dedicated Reporting Server

    • Adding resources to meet the increasing demands of an expanding customer base
    • Certain analytics, data exports, searches, and informational queries will run on a dedicated reporting server. This will free up resources for data entry, imports, and navigation since they will not be competing with analytics and exports.


    Data Collection List Improvements

    Several changes will make it easier to locate data collection categories and find specific survey forms.

    • *Survey Forms is the new name for the "Surveys" built-in form category.
    • The Data Collections list is now sorted alphabetically
    • The Search Forms window checks for data collections that have a survey form name that includes the searched text


    Analytics Enhancements

    When working with Compylations, additional fields will be available for creating filters and disaggregating data using the Segment By option. 

    • Compylation filters now include custom fields from the Participant, Organization, and Anonymous forms. The field sets are labeled and sorted alphabetically.  

    • For Compylation calculations, the Segment By option list has a simpler layout and includes custom fields from the Anonymous and Organization forms


    Viewer Role User Experience

    Compyle will now present options that more closely align with the viewer role to viewer users. While the viewer role access will continue to be limited to reviewing information, this role would occasionally see menu options for actions not available to this type of user. Attempting to use those visible but allowed options would get the user logged out or take them to a blank screen with only the navigation menu options. Additionally, some newer features did not have specific rules for the viewer role, and that has been remedied. 

    Action menus reflect viewer permissions

    • Participant Folder: Documents tab (removed add, edit, and delete options for attached files, added support for downloading documents to view them)
    • Survey Form Folder: Settings tab (removed edit options from settings sections), Rules tab (removed create and edit options for rules),  
    • Data Collections: removed create option, replaced edit icon with view
    • Navigation menu: removed menu items for Compylations, Pending records, Referrals, 


    Anonymous Advancements

    The Anonymous Response feature is being used by more and more Unlimited Suite customers. They have suggested and requested several feature refinements.

    • The default Anonymous form now has only a single, optional state field.
    • In Admin > Anonymous Fields, the standard fields can be hidden successfully now.
    • The  All Anonymous search list displays the most recent records first by default.
    • We also resolved issues with one time only anonymous surveys loading and with some custom fields repeating on anonymous public forms.

    Random Remedies

    The assorted adjustments include form logic finesse, user interface updates, and 

    • Removing the green Refer Clear Impact button from the top navigation bar.

    • Form Logic finesse: A few field types were partially hidden when rules were applied to nearby fields. We have resolved this issue for multi-select dropdown, likert scale, and range type fields. 
    • Improved logout flow from Compyle to Control login.