Search & Data Management Tools: Upgrade Webinar - February 2023

Universal Search, Expanded Search Filters, Data Collection & Survey Instance Management, System Field Export, etc

Webinar Slides

Theme: Organizing

Searching: Making it easier to find records, add participants to groups, and search across entities

Organizing: Better data collection and survey process management, more navigation control.

Release Features

Set of tools for finding records, managing data collection instances, and simplifying navigation. View full Release Notes here

  • Search Features
    • Improved Search Filters: by Groups, System Fields, Primary Worker
    • Universal Search: search participants and organization together
    • Add Group Members: search capabilities added
  •  Data Management Features
    • Bulk Survey Updates: close all in progress survey instances or start all pending instances for a survey or a data collection
    • Export System Fields: created date, modified date, who by, source
  • Navigation Improvements
    • Create-New-Save Action: choose where to send users after they save a new participant / organization (search, doc folder, reopen record)
    • Viewer Role: improved user experience/fixed bugs for standard role
  • Random Refinements