Creating a Compylation

There are several ways to create a compylation.

You can click Add New Compylation on the home page.


You can also create a new compylation from the sidebar menu, below Analytics.

Or, when your Compylations list is open, you can click the Add New Compylation link at the top right. 


On the Create Compylation page, surveys with at least one complete (ended) instance are listed. Each survey is listed with its number of questions that can be used for calculations. Question types with free-form answers cannot be used in compylations, such as Description, Paragraph, Short Answer, etc. 


Hover over the survey whose data is to be analyzed, and click Create Compylation.

You can also create a compylation directly from a survey, by clicking Add New Compylation at the top right.

The new compylation will be assigned a default name, which you can keep or use the Edit icon to replace.

Once a compylation is created, the next step is to add one or more calculations.