Creating Additional Survey / Data Collection Tool Instances

After the first instance of a survey / data collection tool has been started, subsequent instances may be created manually, and those manually created instances must be started (given a start date) before the instance will accept responses. 

New instances will automatically be created if a participant uses the link to the survey and there is not an instance for the current time period. The new instance will only be created if the participant submits a response.  

Note that previous instances do not have to be ended in order for new instances to go out, though only data from completed survey instances can be included in analytics.

Find the data collection that contains the survey, and click its name to open it.

Then click the name of the survey to open it. 

At the top of the Instances section, click Add New Instance

The name or date of the new instance depends on the survey frequency. In this example of a monthly survey, you would choose the next month, keep or change the default name, and whether to copy a participant list from a previous instance, or to leave this field blank to start with a fresh set of participants.

Once created, the instance will appear at the top of the Instances list, with Pending status.

To start the survey instance, open it from the list and click Start