Starting the First Survey / Data Collection Tool Instance, and Emailing Participants

This article describes how to start a survey in Compyle and automatically notify participants to complete the survey. If you prefer to notify participants manually, by email or text or social media, you can send out a survey instance as a URL.

In order for participants to receive and complete a survey, each instance needs to be started and participants notified. After sending out the first instance as detailed here, you can create additional instances and follow the same process to send those out as well.

Note that you can also complete a survey instance on behalf of participants.

Find the data collection that contains the survey, and click its name to open it.


Then click the name of the survey to open it. 

Under Instances, the status of the first instance will be Pending until the survey is started. Click the ID or name of the instance, or any other instance field.

The instance name is listed at the top, and you can edit instance details by clicking the Edit icon at the top. Any participants or organizations added to the survey will be listed under Participants, and you can add more, individually or by group, by clicking the three-dot icon. (Participants can also be added after the instance has started.)

To open the survey for responses, click Start

Once started, the instance status is In Progress, and will remain so until the survey is ended. 

Note that analytics can only be performed on ended surveys. And from within ended surveys, only participant-completed answers will be included in analytics. In other words, responses from Pending or In-Progress participants will not be included in analytics.

To send the initial Compyle-generated survey email to each participant, go to the Email Notifications section below the participant list, and click to send a one-time email.

You can keep the default email subject and text, or customize either as needed. An email preview appears on the right. You can also send a test email to yourself.

Below the Create Email section, choose the participants who will receive the email, or select them all, and click Send Email.

Once emails are sent, participants can start the survey and submit their responses.

Note that if you add participants to a survey instance after the initial set of emails goes out to the original Participants list, you will have to email the new participants separately.

For each instance, you can also set up recurring email reminders. 

Below the Create Email section you can configure the reminder frequency and settings. Reminders can be set to end after all participants have completed the survey, or on a specific date, or after a specific number of emails have been sent. After clicking Save Settings, the email reminder schedule will start.